Animated Laneways Research

Over 2012 and 2013 TPSI worked with Ryerson University Master Students to investigate how to best implement and develop animated laneways in Toronto’s downtown through an analysis of laneway projects and policies in Toronto and internationally.

The studio group, consisting of Urban and Regional Planning students, offered recommendations to effectively revitalize laneways that are under-utilized, improving safety, access, mobility, community engagement, environmental stewardship, economic revitalization, and artistic opportunity.

The report provides best practices for laneway animation implementation and viability, as well as guidelines to overcome barriers and challenges that may hinder laneway projects. Community groups, BIAs, Staff, and Councillors Offices will find the two reports informative and practical.




We encourage interested parties to contact us for more information, and for assistance in implementing their own laneway projects.

Going forward, our organization intends to conduct advocacy for a City-Wide Laneway Strategy to ensure that laneway development has greater policy support, and to ensure that opportunities for environmental stewardship, equitable economic opportunity, and the public interest are taken into account.


Click Here to Download Report 1 (22M) of Prospects For Animated Laneways in Toronto.

Click Here to Download Report 2 (10M) of Prospects For Animated Laneways in Toronto.