How to Make a Deputation at City Hall

Adapted by Anjuli Solanki

What does ‘Deputation’ mean?

A deputation is when a group of people, or person, are chosen to represent a larger group in a formal procedure; such as a person representing a larger community at City Hall.

Why Deputations are Important:

Being a deputy for a larger community and presenting your deputation to the Chair of the Committee ensures your views and concerns to be officially heard. This activity can help civic decision making, increases the representation of the public in decision making, and brings awareness to certain issues that impact different communities.

What is a City Hall Deputation?

There are over 50 Committees, Sub-committees, and Community Councils which have regular meetings where deputations take place. These meeting take place in one of City Halls Committee rooms and start at 9:30 am.  You can find the schedules at: Toronto City Council and Committees: Meetings, Agendas and Minutes

You can depute or represent a larger group by making an appointment with the City Clerk, who is responsible for each committee. You can contact the City Clerk through the following ways: Physical address –  Toronto City Hall, 2nd Floor, West Tower 100 Queen Street West,Toronto ON M5H 2N2; Phone: (416) 392-7039; Fax: (416) 392-1879; and E mail:

The Clerk will ask for your name, organization (if applicable), phone number and address. S/he will tell you where the meeting will be held, and if there is a special time for deputations that day. If there isn’t an assigned time then the default time of 9:30 am applies. Also, do not be surprised or angered if there is a lengthy wait before the deputation as these can occur.

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